Introduction to Contract Law

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This course is designed to provide you with a good basic understanding of contract law, as well as a clearer understanding of the role of law in the purchase of goods and services. It will enable you to contribute to the process of developing appropriate contract terms and understand the respective rights and remedies available to your organisation and your suppliers when managing contracts.

Course Content

  • Contract Terms and Conditions Sources of law
  • Essentials of a contract: "The Battle of the Forms"
  • Void and voidable contracts
  • Misrepresentation
  • Implied terms - Sales of Goods, Supply of Services
  • Conditions and warranties - remedies for breach
  • Liquidated and Unliquidated Damages
  • Exclusion and limitation of liability
  • Transfer of Ownership and Risk
  • The rules on delivery in purchase of goods
  • Jurisdiction - law governing the contract
  • Dispute Resolution Procedures

Course duration

Half day