Supplier Performance Management

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An organisation’s suppliers can have a fundamental impact on its ability to effectively service its customers. Effective supplier performance management enables the organisation to assess how well its suppliers are doing overall and how well they are meeting essential specific delivery targets. It helps to identify key areas for improvement, and enables the development of understanding of what and when value is being achieved from the relationship.

The process of supplier performance management can, however, be time-consuming and expensive. Many organisations waste resource by measuring things that don’t add value and don’t need to be measured. Many others fail to ensure that the cost of performance management is limited to appropriate levels.

This short course provides a comprehensive introduction to effective supplier performance management methods and processes. It covers the key areas of knowledge needed for the design and operation of an appropriate and targeted performance management system.

The course is aimed at anyone who has contacts with suppliers in organisations, and particularly those involved in managing supplier relationships. Course content

  • The importance and benefits of supplier performance management
  • Approaches to supplier performance management
  • Mechanisms for supplier performance management
  • Establishing performance measures
  • The process of supplier performance management
    • Gathering and presenting performance data
    • Reviewing data
    • Securing feedback on data
  • Performance improvement

Course duration

Half day

  • Supplier Performance Management

    Downloadable guide – see Supplier Performance Management PDF