Accredited examination centre

APA Procurement Training is an accredited examination provider of CIPS Examinations.  We run exams in all of the subjects available on the CIPS syllabus for each exam series through the year in November, January, March, May and July.  CIPS timetable all exams in a three-day period in January, March and July and in five-day periods for November and May.  

If you are studying with us, you are able to sit for all your examinations at our Centre in Swindon.  Examination Centre Fees are included in your course fee so there are no additional administrative charges for this. 

If you are not studying with us, you can also opt to sit your exams at our centre by selecting APA Procurement Training when you go through the CIPS booking process.  These bookings are subject to availability and to an examination centre fee of £50 + VAT which is not included in your CIPS exam booking fee.   We will contact you about arrangements once CIPS have confirmed your booking with us.   


Examination booking

Exams are normally booked directly with CIPS.  Guidance about how to do this is available here: http://www.cips.org/Documents/Qualifications/EEG%201.pdf (opens new window)

For those studying with us, the details of how and when to do this will be outlined by your tutor at the start of each module.  We can also book your exams on your behalf, if this is organised with us direct. 

The examination subject timetables are published on the CIPS website as well as in the Supply Management journal.   Please check if you are entering for more than one examination in the same exam period that they are not being held at the same time and on the same day. 

The CIPS booking fees for examinations for 2018-19 are as follows:

External Examination Fee
External Examinations (Certificate & Advanced Certificate) £78
External Examinations (Diploma, Advanced, & Professional) £101


You will need to enter your CIPS membership number to book your exam. Booking your exam online on the CIPS website can be done here: https://www.cips.org/en-GB/aboutcips/mycips/My-CIPS/Exam-Booking/ (opens new window)


Reasonable adjustment and special consideration

We are committed to ensuring that all candidates have equal opportunities to reach their full potential. In some instances, candidates may require adjustments to the assessment process to give them an equal opportunity.

Applications for Reasonable Adjustments should be made direct to CIPS at least eight weeks prior to the date of the examination or assessment.

Candidates may also apply for Special Consideration in instances that could not possibly be predicted, such as in the event of personal issues that might impact on your exam performance. Such applications must be made within 14 days of the date of the examination.

Once you have applied for reasonable adjustment of special consideration to CIPS, please let APA Procurement Training know as soon as you can.  Reasonable adjustment can include the use of a reader, emanuensis or the use of a laptop, or additional examination time.  Once we have confirmation from CIPS, we are very happy to make the required arrangements at our Centre. 


For further details of our CIPS training courses, contact us by emailing sarah@apatraining.co.uk or calling 01793 228 969. Alternatively, submit an online enquiry here.