Level 4 Commercial Procurement and Supply Apprenticeship

Employing an apprentice can provide commercial organisations with competent, skilled staff that have the knowledge and confidence to help them to grow. In return, apprentices are provided with a career path to move into higher level jobs and qualifications, enabling businesses to grow their own modern procurement managers.

We offer the Commercial Procurement and Supply Chain (level 4) (opens new window)which includes the CIPS Diploma in Procurement Supply level 4 qualification which is designed to meet the needs of procurement professionals seeking to develop their management capability.

Achieving this apprenticeship will enable an individual to use their breadth and depth of experience to position themselves as a fully effective commercially skilled in procurement and supply.  These skills will be transferable into other career options and span the public, private and charitable sectors. This is supported by the attainment of CIPS Level 4 Diploma qualification.