An effective, professionally qualified procurement operation has much more than a positive impact on your bottom line. It adds tremendous value across your business, and gives you a vital competitive edge.  

This is why training is not an expense, it’s an investment.

Our training courses provide your staff with the knowledge to formulate the right procurement strategies, policies, and processes and the skills and knowledge to implementation them.  The focus is on both maximising business opportunity through supply chain best practice and minimising risk.

Key Benefits:

  • Better outcomes – less cost and less risk
  • Competitive advantage – higher quality outputs, proactive approach to change
  • Greater productivity – more output, less input, fewer mistakes
  • Improved professionalism – greater stakeholder support, better teamwork
  • Better and happier staff – increased staff morale and motivation, better recruitment and retention 
  • Greater consistency – complexity management, strategic alignment 
  • Enhanced corporate capability – greater efficiencies, better ways of working, continuous improvement
  • Increased corporate reputation and image – in the marketplace, with customers, with suppliers and with stakeholders
  • Compliance - with the latest regulatory and legislative framework  
  • Well-trained staff also create a pool of promotable employees. You don’t have to go outside to look for suitable people. You have them on the premises, and they already know your business, systems, customers and suppliers


For further details of our CIPS training courses, contact us by emailing or calling 01793 228 969. Alternatively, submit an online enquiry here.

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