Business Case (for Investing in Training)

Get more for less: the business case for investing in CIPS training

You have to spend money to make money as the saying goes. It’s a fact that those businesses that use the resources at their disposal most effectively make a better return on their activity. This a key goal of modern procurement, and the focus of the professional education and training provided by APA Procurement Training.

Professional development doesn’t belong in the ‘nice to have’ basket; it is essential to success, and a compelling investment. The vast majority of organisations find the savings generated from using the new skills and knowledge they gain are exponentially greater than the upfront training investment.


Competitive Advantage for the organisation

CIPS professional qualifications can transform the way your procurement team operates.  Your organisation will benefit from improvement and innovation that can deliver essential competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Professional procurement practice gives procurement and supply chain professionals the knowledge and skill base to reduce cost, to deliver improved quality, flexibility and responsiveness, to improve supply reliability and continuity, and to achieve increased stakeholder and customer satisfaction. 

The additional focus on the latest market developments and knowledge enables the best possible application of these skills.


The cost of not investing

The demands on procurement are increasingly complex, throwing up threats and opportunities that demand creative and dynamic responses. Companies and organisations that fail to continually upgrade and refine their procurement skills and knowledge will run the risk of:

  • Being incapable of responding to changes in volatile external factors
  • Using out-of-date tools and techniques
  • Being vulnerable to competitors
  • Losing staff

84% of staff are more committed to employers who invest in their training and development.

Hays Workplace Series survey (2014)


The Gold Standard in procurement and supply  

Today’s business environment requires new knowledge, understanding and skills not only for advancement but often just to maintain market position and share. Equipping your most valuable resource, the people who work for your organisation, with the best tools for the job enables them to compete to the best effect to both deliver in the present and to build for the future.

The CIPS Professional Diploma and MCIPS is the gold standard qualification in procurement and supply management. It is the both nationally and internationally recognised accreditation of excellence in procurement. Achieving it enables your procurement team to both operate and be seen to operate with the highest professional standards at a level of quality and aspiration that can make a transformative contribution to organisation success.


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