Another Successful Level 4 Procurement Apprentice!

Darron Jones has recently successfully completed his Level 4 Commercial Procurement and Supply Apprenticeship with APA. Learn more about his experience and reasons for choosing the apprenticeship route in our short interview here.


NH: How long had you been working in procurement before you looked to start the Level 4 Apprenticeship?

DJ:8 years


NH: How did you become aware of the Level 4 procurement apprenticeship and what was it about the apprenticeship route that interested you?

DJ: I had been aware of the CIPS qualifications since 2012 but had not come across an apprenticeship offering until 2018 when my current employer started a new initiative called ‘Career Pathways’ which offered apprenticeships. The CIPS procurement course was not listed but after speaking with my employer I was given the opportunity to choose a listed course on the government apprenticeship website and my application was accepted. I was interested in the apprenticeship route because I could become qualified without taking time out from employment.


NH: How did you find the learning experience with APA? What was the student support like and how did you find the online learning experience?

DJ: I found the learning engaging and interesting, I was challenged from the start and had to really think about all of my previous and current experiences to complete the course. I could not have completed the apprenticeship without the support of my tutors which was great. They are not only highly knowledgeable but good at building confidence and providing reassurance when self-doubt arose.


NH: How has gaining the Level 4 Apprenticeship helped you in your day- to- day role in procurement?

DJ: My confidence has improved and I find myself challenging decisions made within the business based on the knowledge and skills gained from the apprenticeship.


NH: Has your career progressed since completing your Level 4 Apprenticeship?

DJ: Not yet, the company I work for is going through a lot of organisational changes and so it is hard to tell how my role will change over the next few months.


NH: What advice would you give for someone considering the Apprenticeship route with APA ?

DJ: I would say to go for it! APA have really proven themselves a high- quality learning provider, and I would recommend them to anyone who is thinking about developing their procurement career.

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