Career Progression Through MCIPS Qualification

Darren Todd, Senior Procurement and Planning Manager at Elvie talks to APA’s Nicky Hingston about his career progression in procurement through successful completion of MCIPS qualification.


NH: What was your driving force to start you on your journey to MCIPS?

DT: Other members of my team had obtained MCIPs and spoke highly of the value it brought them. I was at the stage of my career where I was looking to progress and really felt this would be of benefit to have this, a lot of companies were also asking for this qualification.


NH: How has your career progressed since undertaking CIPS training and becoming fully MCIPS?

DT: Since obtaining my MCIPs I have recently moved into a senior role and managing my own team of procurement managers. I am putting in strategies to help the company become more profitable and support our growth ambitions, I don’t think this would have been possible without me studying for MCIPs, as it covered many areas that I have drawn up in my new role


NH: How did studying for the various CIPS qualifications fit in with your day to day working? Do you think you would have found the courses more difficult if you had gone down the self-study route?

DT: If I had self- studied MCIPs I wouldn’t have completed this. I needed the class interaction and talking to people with different experiences and different sectors. Self- studying wouldn’t have been an option for me.


NH: How long did it take you from the day you started to the day you qualified as MCIPS?

DT: With the unfortunate delays of covid I would say it was approximately 3.5 Years


NH: Can you give a tangible benefit that the CIPS training has given you and therefore the organisation you were/are working for?

DT: I have had to change our current structure and way of working to support our growth and profitability targets. We are in the middle of transition but having studying change management module this really helped me push through my plans and we now have some targets and structure in place to achieve these and I feel confident we will get there.


NH:  Procurement has seen a lot of change in the time that you were studying towards MCIPS with Brexit and COVID-19, did the training at APA benefit you in adapting to these situations within your role?

DT:  Yes, I felt they adapted well to the changes and challenges. COVID in particular, and allowed us to continue studying with minimal impact through use of online lectures.


NH:  How did you find the training at APA, and would you recommend us to others looking to embark on the MCIPS journey?

DT:  I would happily recommend APA to anyone looking to start or pick up again their MCIPs, I felt I was as well prepared as I could be for each exam. The lectures were always engaging and the ability to go through test questions was a real help. Something I would have really missed self- studying. APAs success rate in exam passes speak for themselves.


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