We understand that learning can be hard work, particularly when there is a lot happening in your work or personal life. We can make a fundamental difference by providing a weekly structure to your studies, by providing advice and guidance, to you as an individual, about how to progress through the syllabus content and by giving you the tools and understanding to enable you to learn with confidence. 

We also give you the flexibility to fit your studies around your personal and work priorities by providing materials and support to study when it best suits you. 


Flexible learning options

We love class-based learning, either at our Learning Centre or through our Virtual Study Centre online. There are huge benefits in the weekly structure of tuition and in being able to discuss and explore practices and ideas with other professionals. We find these to be invaluable not only in assisting with the course material but also in providing structure and motivation to the learning process which can be difficult when studying remotely.  Tutorials are flexibly provided according to individual requirements. 

We offer distance learning where the student studies in their own time, with the benefits of 1-2-1 tutorials. 

We understand of course that work commitments mean that sometimes it is possible to attend some classes but not every week, and for this reason combined class and distance learning options are available.  


Passing your exams

Each CIPS module is concluded with a written examination.  At Advanced Certificate, these take the form of multiple-choice papers and take two hours, while at Diploma level and above, they take the form of written essay papers lasting three hours. 

APA Procurement Training is committed to helping you pass your exams.  We run a dedicated revision session at the end of each module, one week before the exams, to help you to prepare as effectively as possible. We also provide essay-writing coaching throughout the duration of each course. 

We have an exceptional record of enabling students to achieve CIPS qualifications at all levels, and over the last three years our learning centre pass rate has exceeded 95%.  If you are not able to sit an exam, or you are not successful first time, we guarantee to work with you as part of your original course booking, until you achieve a pass. 


For further details of our CIPS training courses, contact us by emailing hello@apatraining.co.uk or calling 01793 228968. Alternatively, submit an online enquiry here.

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