The benefits of learning

As the procurement and supply chain profession continues to grow, there is a greater emphasis on the wider and increasingly important role that you as a professional in the field have in your organisation’s success. As a CIPS qualified professional, you could earn upto £150,000 more over the course of your career.

APA Procurement Training courses focus on developing your ability to contribute added value to your organisation by understanding best practice and being able to apply it to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness. 

The aim of our training is to ensure you develop an excellent general business understanding and the right balance of technical and general procurement skills and personal skills for your current role and for the future. 

We will make certain everything you learn is transferable to your work. This means you can use your new knowledge and skills to improve your personal performance, contribute more effectively to the goals of your organisation, increase the job satisfaction you get from your current role, and improve your potential for development.   


CIPS Qualifications

We offer a range of courses, but our main focus is on CIPS qualifications.  More and more employers are looking for CIPS so achieving these qualifications enhances your career prospects and earning potential.

Completion of any level of the CIPS programme represents a prestigious qualification in its own right.  Completion of the professional diploma programme entitles you to receive the status of MCIPS which is the gold standard recognition of excellence in procurement and supply.  Achieving this enables you to both operate and be seen to operate with the highest professional standards and at a level of quality and aspiration that identifies you as at the forefront of your profession.    

Key Benefits:

  • Improved personal performance – more productivity, better effectiveness

  • Increased job satisfaction – greater contribution, higher morale and motivation

  • Better career prospects – higher value and status, internal advancement

  • Personal development – improved personal skills, increased confidence

  • Wider skill set – expanded competency and capabilit

  • Professional community – CIPS networks, learning from other organisations

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